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In times of stress and uncertainty, ESI can help us all face life with vitality, optimism and compassion.

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Introducing the New XpressAmp? Direct Amplification Reagents

Perform simple, extraction-free preparation of viral sample for direct amplification in RT-qPCR assays.

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Get 20% off Dual-Luciferase? Reporter Assay System!

Now through February 28, 2021 save 20% on Promega's Dual-Luciferase? Reporter Assay System. Limitations apply, see promotion page for full terms and conditions. For US & Canada customers only.

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Product Update

Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits for COVID-19 Available to Ship Immediately?

Trusted Promega chemistries for viral nucleic acid extraction are available in manual and automated formats.

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Get 15% off Sequencing Grade Modified Trypsin!

Use this highly active and stable molecule for all your Mass Spectrometry needs. Limitations apply, see promotion page for full terms and conditions. For US & Canada customers only.

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SARS-CoV-2 and the Antibody Response in COVID-19 Patients

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