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Custom Enzymes

Enzymes are the basic tools for molecular biology, cellular analysis, clinical diagnostics and protein analysis applications. Fill gaps in your product line, complete a kit, or make a master mix using custom enzymes. Choose a different size, container, concentration or format to meet your needs.

Contact us today, and one of our scientists will be in touch to discuss your needs, challenges and serve as your champion in finding a custom enzyme solution.

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Why choose Promega as your supplier for custom enzymes?


Custom Enzymes and Proteins

Learn more about custom enzyme and protein production.

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Broad Variety

Promega has a wide range of enzymes, covering many different applications: DNA/RNA modifying enzymes, restriction enzymes, thermostable DNA polymerases, recombinant luciferases, proteases, and other recombinant proteins.


Custom Formulations and Formats

Envision exactly what you want – it is likely we can manufacture what you need. Our team can customize enzyme volume, concentration or formulation. Glycerol-free formulations and lyophilization capabilities are also available.


OEM Supplier

We have 40+ years experience in working with OEM partners to provide bulk product or produce private-labeled components with your tubes and labels.


Primary Manufacturer

Eliminate uncertainty in your supply chain when you partner with us. As the primary manufacturer of amplification reagents you collaborate with the scientists who have designed, manufactured and tested the products that are delivered to you.

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