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Molecular Diagnostics

Clinical and molecular diagnostic laboratories need precise and reliable assays and products. Every step of the molecular diagnostics workflow, whether it is DNA purification, PCR, mutation detection or testing for biomarkers such as microsatellite instability, requires rigorous quality and robust molecular tools and products.

As a global clinical leader in manufacturing, Promega is committed ensuring that you only get products of the highest quality. Our efforts include maintaining ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification as well as enhanced capabilities for cGMP manufacturing including custom manufacturing options.

What is Molecular Diagnostics?

Molecular Diagnostics is the application of molecular biology techniques to study human diseases, including infectious disease, inherited conditions and cancer. Molecular diagnostics research is focused on genomic and proteomic analysis with the goal of identifying disease biomarkers, creating better diagnostic assays and ultimately finding new treatments and potential cures. Techniques used in molecular diagnostic applications include core molecular biology methods such as nucleic acid isolation and quantification, PCR amplification, sequencing, and STR analysis.

Promega offers a portfolio of reagents for nucleic acid purification, PCR, STR, genetic analysis and mutation detection for clinical research labs applying molecular techniques to the study of disease. We also offer customizable solutions that meet the stringent technical and quality requirements of molecular diagnostics labs.

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