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Laboratory Automation

We offer instruments, chemistries and personalized support that simplify the process of automating sample prep in your lab. Our modular nucleic acid purification solutions let you adapt your laboratory workflow as your needs change.

Lab automation equipment includes the Maxprep? Liquid Handler for sample preparation and the Maxwell? RSC Instruments for nucleic acid extraction. This combination of liquid handler and nucleic acid purification instrumentation provides a flexible automation solution, increasing efficiency and productivity for labs processing large numbers of samples.

Our team of automation experts are available to help you design an optimized high-throughput solution that meets your laboratory’s needs. We have implemented Maxwell? HT (high-throughput) chemistries on a variety of instrumentation platforms working with a broad range of sample types. Contact us for a consultation about choosing the right purification chemistry or customizing a purification chemistry for your sample type.

What is Lab Automation?

Laboratories are encountering an increased demand for molecular testing and need workflow solutions that allow greater automation and higher throughput to keep up with the increasing number of samples to be prepared for downstream applications such as PCR and NGS. 

Automated sample preparation provides significant benefits to laboratories, allowing users to focus on more detailed work while reducing the risk of exposure to chemicals and the need for repetitive motions, such as pipetting.

Automated liquid handlers allow laboratories to handle increased sample processing demands while minimizing the need to increase headcount. However, many automated systems are complicated and intimidating for laboratory technicians to use and often sit idle in the laboratory. The Maxprep? Liquid Handler combined with the Maxwell? extraction instruments provides a turnkey solution for automated sample preparation that overcomes these challenges and makes it easy for labs to add automation to their workflow.

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